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Tag: branding

What you can do when your business seems slow

Most times you are tired especially for the small business owners who have to do everything by themselves at the initial stage of their business.

Some days still, you wish you hadn’t even start the business at the first place, you wish you had played it safe and gotten a job instead.

Sometimes still, business is slow and you can barely stay above the overhead cost.

Steps to start your small business without breaking the bank.

So you are contemplating starting a small business or a side hustle to supplement your finances?

Or you really have an idea, a business idea that you want to pursue. You think this particular idea might be something and you really want to give it a try.

I want to encourage to give it a try, that idea was not into you without a reason.

For the fact that you have the idea is a valid reason to pursue it, because if you don’t, it will remain in you begging you to voice it out.

8 simple steps to create an outstanding infographics

Readers tend to engage more with contents with inforgraphics than ones without. I mean who wants to read a very long blog post or research when you can pick the most important information from a well designed Infographics.

Among the benefits of adding infographics to your contents include: easy to read, visually appealing, easy to share on social media, easy to download to your devices and so on.

Steps to build your personal brand

Personal Branding is no much different from business branding, both are out to achieve the same result which is project ones value to the audience.

It is in not just your value that will attract the right audience to you but how you communicate those values to your audience and this is where it boils down to being authentic in your relationship.

Few things surpasses authentic human relationship anytime and anywhere.

Do you wish to boost your personal branding strategies? Here are six simple steps that will work for you.

How to make a living selling printables on Etsy

Etsy has got millions of active sellers and most of them are smashing their goals of making a substantial living through their creativity.

In this post i included some screenshots of some shops on Etsy making it big and achieving financial independence. of the three screenshots i shared, all the shops are owned and run by women, some are even single mothers, if they can do it, then you too can do it.

The ultimate secret to start-up success

Building a startup does not have a magic bullet, infact the single quality that differentiate the successful startups from the less successful ones are resilience and grit i.e. their ability to keep forging ahead nomatter any circumstance that arises.

Top 10 skills for the new generation worker.

As we keep on evolving from one phase of our life to another, the only thing constant in these levels has remained change. We will keep on changing and evolving till we attain the best we can be in every area of our life.

Work is a major role player in human activities and as we change and evolve, our work places and the way we do our work also evolve with us. The only thing is for you not to be left behind.

If you are looking for ways to keep yourself relevant in your work place, then you need to upgrade your skill sèts, and this is the absolute way to ensure that one is relevant in the work place especially in this volatile generation.


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