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Month: March 2023

What you can do when your business seems slow

Most times you are tired especially for the small business owners who have to do everything by themselves at the initial stage of their business.

Some days still, you wish you hadn’t even start the business at the first place, you wish you had played it safe and gotten a job instead.

Sometimes still, business is slow and you can barely stay above the overhead cost.

These careers allow for adequate family time

One of the major hindrance to spending adequate time with our families is our career or job. We spend more than half our time on our jobs to make a living.

It now seems that our jobs or Careers are the most important thing in our life, but it should not be that way.

The little things in life are the things that give us most joy, things like spending adequate time with our family and loved ones.

We shouldn’t just live for our jobs, i mean we are always replaceable in our work places. The moment something happens to us, let’s say an accident or sickness, your job will be replaced almost immediately.

Things to give up for success


We all know the term ‘health is wealth’ , if you by now have not started taking care of your health, maybe you should start right away.

A healthy body will help you achieve all you can achieve in life and more. The food we eat, our routine and habits and our overall lifestyle all contribute to the quality of our health and thus the quality of our life, be guided accordingly.

Give up on the unhealthy lifestyle and you will be grateful to yourself you started today.

Inside the DNA of an entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur is always calculated and logical. Doing business involves a whole lot of risks so he has no option than to calculate his moves.

You risk your money when you have not even seen the whole picture, but you trust your guts and intuition.

That is where being calculated and logical comes into play. An Entrepreneur examines every single business opportunity from a logical perspective and not from an emotional stand point.

Success factors of entrepreneurship

Success factors of entrepreneurship will always boil down to the value one intends to add to people’s lives and how he intends to achieve that.

So you want to be an Entrepreneur? Or it has always been in you.

What does it actually take to be a successful entrepreneur? To be a successful entrepreneur, there are certain sucess factors of entrepreneurship.

For some of us, entreprenuership is something that has been in us, either we were exposed to it when we were young maybe by our parents.

Or we took it up along the course of our life when we don’t really have much option than to think outside the box.

Who is an Entrepreneur?

An Entrepreneur is someone who profers solutions to a societal problems and finds a way to make money while doing so.

An Entrepreneur is always looking for a way or ways to utilize the opportunities around him to maximise his profits.


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