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Tag: Success

What you can do when your business seems slow

Most times you are tired especially for the small business owners who have to do everything by themselves at the initial stage of their business.

Some days still, you wish you hadn’t even start the business at the first place, you wish you had played it safe and gotten a job instead.

Sometimes still, business is slow and you can barely stay above the overhead cost.

Things to give up for success


We all know the term ‘health is wealth’ , if you by now have not started taking care of your health, maybe you should start right away.

A healthy body will help you achieve all you can achieve in life and more. The food we eat, our routine and habits and our overall lifestyle all contribute to the quality of our health and thus the quality of our life, be guided accordingly.

Give up on the unhealthy lifestyle and you will be grateful to yourself you started today.

Best sleep practices for a good night’s sleep

Sleep is a fundamental human need, just like food. Actually we can’t get much done when we are sleep-deprived becaùse of it’s utmost importance to the brain and the body system in general.

Getting enough sleep isn’t just about the hours or time spent on the bed, but all about the quality of sleep which will help our body to get rested when we wake up and be ready for the day.

Types of industries that will build massive wealth.

Are you looking and searching for industries to invest your money. Maybe you have met your savings goals and now you are looking for a way to make your money work for you.

Being financially independent should be a strategic plan which should start with building your savings portfolio. We should know that we don’t save for savings, we save for the purpose of investment.

The first step to financial freedom is building up your savings. Hopefully you have built up your savings and now looking for ways to invest your money to make more money.

What it takes to be an Entrepreneur.

Many people want to be an entrepreneur, but what most of them do not understand is that it takes quite a whole lot to be an entrepreneur because of the fact that you do not work for anybody but yourself, you will have to be responsible for every aspect of the business atleast at the initial stage.

Why content marketing is the king.

Now tell me who doesn’t love a great and informing content? I will tell you why content marketing and creating a great content will all outweigh other forms of marketing. When trying to comprehend all forms of digital marketing strategies, we tend to get confused as to which strategy to give alk our focus on.

Six steps to create efficient project timeline

The final step in creating a project timeline is to officially build it. This is the part where you can choose to utilize one of the project management platforms, use a premade template or create a simple shared spreadsheet. What you decide should ultimately come down to choosing the best method for both your project and your team.

Habits that make you happy

Build relationship.
Build relationships with like minded and positive people. Your network is your networth. Peolple that encourage and inspire you should be your close allies. Seek them out and build a mutual relationship with them.

8 Mistakes small businesses must avoid.

4. Presence in all social media platform: This probably will not do your business any good, as it makes your business look desperate in search of customers. What you should do is to leverage on the channels that are relevant to your business and maximise it’s full potential.


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