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Tag: ideas

Impacts of technology on a child’s development

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and its impact on a child’s development is undeniable. From access to information and educational resources to improved communication and social skills, technology has opened up new avenues for learning and growth.

With easy access to a vast amount of information, children can explore various subjects, expanding their knowledge and curiosity. Through online platforms, they can connect with others, fostering communication and social skills.

Job search strategies beyond the Resume

“In the times of changing circumstances, the most dangerous course of action is to stand still”

What also changes is the job environment and how we tend to seek these job opportunities.

Job search strategies beyond the resume refer to methods that job seekers can use to find job opportunities beyond submitting their resume to job postings.

These strategies include networking, informational interviews, job fairs, social media, and online portfolios.

By using these strategies, job seekers can expand their job search and potentially find job opportunities that they may not have come across otherwise.

Steps to build a positive team culture

A positive team culture is one where everyone feels like they are part of a family. It’s a place where people feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions, and where everyone works together towards common goals.

For example, in a positive team culture, people might take the time to get to know each other outside of work. They might have team-building activities like going on a retreat or doing volunteer work together.

They might also have regular team meetings where everyone can share their ideas and opinions. In a positive team culture, people are encouraged to be themselves, and they are supported in their personal and professional growth.

15 Mistakes Business Start-ups should avoid

A business start-up is a new company or organization that is created to offer a product or service in the market. The goal of a start-up is to develop a sustainable business model that generates revenue and growth.

Start-ups are often founded by entrepreneurs who have a vision for a new product or service and are willing to take risks to bring it to market. These businesses typically have limited resources and must be creative and innovative to succeed.

9 things to teach your children about failure

What have you been told about failure? Have you been told that being a failure is a life sentence?
Perhaps you have been advised to disassociate yourself from failures.

I want to tell you that there is no such concept as failure and nobody is a failure.

Failing is a learning process and should be celebrated as much as success. It often becomes a wonder how often people celebrate success without acknowledging the series of failures they had to undergo before achieving success.

Food business ideas for the food lovers

So you are a food lover like me and you are looking for ways to be more innovative with your passion.

You are lookin for ways you can turn your passion into a source of income or oven build a thriving business out of it.

I want to tell you that your ambition is pretty much valid and you have the potential to achieve success with your passion.

Open your mind with these books

Books has always been our succour, our go to when we are down and wish to come back alive.

Reading is a habit worth building, if you can find a way to read a lot of books and surround yourself with the right people, you will achieve anything you wish to achieve – Elon Musk

In these times of digital explosion, good books are readily available on the internet and free as well.

How to make money in bed

People are now realizing how much of their life is allocated to work alone. We spend considerably 50% of our life on work and work related activities, just to retire and live a few more years and die off.

How to scale your small business with a website.

May be you are looking for a way to grow your business and take it to the next level, well i’m here to tell you that you can actually scale your business up with a professional website. If you already have a website which you use for your business, you can as well turn it into a money making machine


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